Experts to face the climate crisis

We support enterprises, organizations and individuals to measure their carbon footprint and to engage in ambitious climate actions

Nature offers many solutions

We help companies to invest in nature and restoring the balance to our climate

Towards zero deforestation

We provide support and expertise to reduce the impacts of supply chains on deforestation and natural resources

Reduce emissions, restore and protect ecosystemsGaialab is a laboratory of innovative ideas and services to tackle the climate crisis, adapted to a wide range of players from individuals, companies, institutions.
Climate Change communication

How to communicate climate change in a constructive way? We support enterprises, organizations and schools to set up a dialogue with effective methodologies

Climate impact accounting

How to reach real zero emissions targets? We help companies and organizations to achieve ambitious climate targets

Sustainable supply chains

How to track down deforestation supply chains? Gaialab supports companies in the compliance with the EUDR Regulation on tracing deforestation linked to agricultural products

Offsetting with nature based solutions

How to reduce emissions with climate projects with high ethical and social impact? We offset emissions with first class carbon credits

Nature positive investments

We guide companies and organizations towards a pathway of engagement on climate and biodiversity in order to become nature positive

Climate data and finance

How to have access to climate data and context analysis? We provide access to climate data, their elaboration along with technical and financial support to develop adaptation and mitigation projects

Silvia Stefanelli
About me

I was born and raised in the midst of forests and mountains from a young age. Understanding the importance of forests and later the climate crisis has been a part of my academic, professional, and life journey.

My Manifesto

Gaialab was born out of a necessity: to change the course of events and contribute to safeguarding planet Earth from humanity’s compromised relationship with ecosystems and their networks of living beings that support our life.

In the coming decades, nature can provide one-third of the solutions to address the climate crisis.
Actions around the world
Global fight against the climate crisisIn the global fight against the climate crisis, an increasing number of emission compensation or offsetting projects have been developed based on nature-based solutions.
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